5 Seconds Fast Repairing Damaged Frizzy Hairs Magical Keratin Hair Mask Soft Smooth Shiny For Permanent Straightening Hair Care

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Product Introduction:

▶Effect: It can hydrate and moisturize fragile hair to awaken double the active energy. Make thin and fragile hair fluffy and smooth after use.

▶Function: Improve hair quality, enrich and enhance plant extracts, deeply penetrate, repair damaged hair, enhance hair, lock in moisture and nutrients, and improve hair quality.
▶Advantage: Effectively nourish hair, achieve the three key goals of washing and care, resist damage, decompose substances that damage hair, and restore the ideal environment for hair.

Daily care: After washing the hair with shampoo, apply the hair film on the wet hair, from the middle to the tip of the hair, not on the scalp, wait for 5-10 minutes after applying, and then rinse with warm water.